Art Selection from School Board Member~



This mixed media canvas collage was selected

by one of our La Crosse School District School Board

members to hang in the board room for the next year. Congratulations Lily!

post-it note art show preview~

My mailbox has been crammed full of  thick bundles of post-it note art…now the sticking and installation has begun. It is becoming infectious. More and more each hour appeared on the waiting wall, that begged for more, just one more 3″ X 3″ square of some great color, graphite or ink. Messages, text, but mostly art images are the preferred creative expression so far. I am rolling out another wall length of brown craft paper tomorrow morning. The notes will keep arriving I am sure. It is spreading and friends are messengers sharing this event. One email came from a teacher in my district, asking if this was for adults too as they professed to be a chronic doodler.

As for my students….they might be tired of the post-it art daily drawings I ask them to do. I know some secretly are loving it and will not share that they are posting theirs anonymously on the wall as they sneak out my classroom door. Perhaps the creative urge will take over you and you will grab your favorite drawing tool and doodle one too. Do send your masterpiece or come in personally to stick yours up somewhere if you dare.

ink on post-it note
ink on post-it note