3 thoughts on “the heart is where compassion grows

  1. Dear Art Spilling–Just added this to my post about healing and suffering and medicine! Hope you don’t mind? Some fellow second years and I got together and had a grand time chatting of those things. And then I found your lovely art!


    1. Thank you Hopeful Doc! My artists are busy creating their work of art to the theme of what compassion means to them on a 6″ x 6″ canvas panel. This will be a city-wide art exhibit in May-June in an art gallery in La Crosse where I live. There is a website being developed with all their art that will accompany an artist statement that describes their work for this project. We (the art specialists k-12) are thrilled to be a part of this momentous and profound project. Keep watching my blog for more updates on the progress of this!


      1. Oh wow! Compassion’s a the topic I like to write on from time to time! So many things to write about in this world and so many fun artists to discover to help illustrate and convey my thoughts. I’ll definitely keep a look out 🙂


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