Art is Narrative~


A Short Story Inspired by:
“Mother Cats” – mixed media painting by Johnnyray Hansen
Written By: Elise Howard

As the bird flew over the horizon, her eye caught onto a tiny speck of red embedded in a field of yellow and purple. It was a glove enclosed in a mountain, the ground was yellow, most likely Yellowstone or gravel. It was surprising that trees could grow there. The trees were all nearly identical, instead of green, a beautiful magenta purple was the color of the trees. It was hard to see from the high distance, but she could tell that it was a sacred place. As if in a trance she dived downwards. The closer she came the larger it appeared, until it was a small tiny jewelry box. The bird settled on a stump where the box was placed. There were small scratch marks already embedded in the wood. She ruffled her wings as she pecked at the blood red lid. The sound of her beak slicing into the red wood echoed through out the glove. Some leaves slowly floated down on the gravel, they were versatile in color, the leaves were colored blue, ember, and emerald. The bird, slightly agitated pecked the lid again, harder. More leaves fell from the trees, twisting and swirling like fairy dust. The box began to shudder when she pecked it a third time.

Suddenly the lid popped open, startling the sparrow, she shifted uncomfortably. A small shining speck of blue floated out of the small box. As it started to spin, leaves that were laying limply on the ground, came to life. They surrounded the small sparrow for a moment, than as if they had found someone of importance, they moved towards the blue ball of light. The leaves swirled closer and closer until they blended into the light completely. The sparrow squawked and retreated off the stump where it watched from the ground. A blinding light cut through the grove, the sparrow closed its beady eyes as she flinched from the the light, holding up her wing to shield her. Slowly the sparrow removed its wing from its vision. Instead of a ball of blue light, there was a girl, young, but she wasn’t a child. She was rather tall, her face was small and smooth. She was old, and yet so very young. The sparrow suddenly felt cold, as if someone had removed her heart from her small body, and had clamped its cold hands tightly together, enclosing it. The girl appeared very fragile looking, she wore a blue dress. The top half of her dress was made out of what looked like soft cotton, it was similar to water, silky and smooth. The bottom half, was what looked like leaves layered on top of one another until they created a kind of cloth. She wore blue socks, and her skin was a eerie navy blue. Her face looked like it was made from porcelain, her eyes were closed, and she made no effort to open them. She looked harmless, but the sparrow sensed a dangerous aura around her.

The sparrow wanted to escape, she looked up the clear blue sky was sprawled above here. Puffy white clouds floated harmoniously with the birds as a slow soft breeze ruffled the sparrows pelt. She flapped her wings and slowly rose up to the sky. Suddenly something purple shot out of the corner of her eye, it collided with her, and the small sparrow spiraled towards the ground. The girl opened her eyes, they were cold and unmerciful. They froze the sparrow in place. A small trail of frost suddenly appeared, it sparkled in the sunlight. Than, it slowly disappeared, and the sparrow was engulfed in darkness. Slowly it looked up, the thing that had shot her out of the air was a tree, once beautiful, now it was now despicable . It had spikes that erupted from its branches that had sprawled out creating a cage. The sparrow slowly looked back at the girl. She had stepped off the stump, and was now walking towards the limp bird. Her feet didn’t touch the gravel as she walked, it was as if she was the star actor in a silent movie. She picked up the sparrow gently, and set her inside of the red box resting on the stump. ” I am the blue fairy.” Even though her lips did not move the sparrow knew that the fairy was speaking. ” I am a wish giver. I grant wishes. Please state your wish. ” She stared at the sparrow patiently. The sparrow hesitated thinking. ” I wish to escape.” It spoke, looking longingly at the sky. The blue fairy, made a sad look, a lonely look. She paused. ” Very well.” She said coldly. She walked gracefully to a nearby tree inside the cage. The plucked a single leaf from it. Than she closed her eyes and rolled her hands together crushing the leave until it was a small colorful string. She walked and bent down. The sparrow looked at the fairy’s fingers, they were small and they shook as she finished the knot on the sparrows neck. She lifted it up to the sky. ” Fly. ” she said, this string will guide you back to me whenever you need me. She said softly. The sparrow did not know why she would ever come back but she nodded and stretched her wings. The shriveled up trees slowly returned to normal as they shrunk back and settled down like the rest of them. The sparrow flew away, feeling joy as she felt the breeze on her pelt, the warm sun on her neck. She did not look back, but she did not forget her experience either, for she felt that it was a important one.

One month later:
The sparrow looked down, a small colorful string waved into her view. It slowly glided downwards, the sparrow flew downwards. She spotted the red box. But she wasn’t alone.

Morale: ” Sometimes power is something even those of the purist heart cannot resist. “