Gesture Drawing Assignment for 4-01-14



Here are some images of the artist: Alberto Giacometti. after looking at Giacometti’s work, you will need to do the following: Using newsprint and your drawing tool of your choice……without leaving your table, but get out of out of your seat and STAND-UP, draw 4 gesture drawings (spending 10-30 seconds on each). Draw the items listed below:

1) draw the items you brought with you today (or your neighbor’s)

2) draw your shoe (you might need to take it off!)

3) draw your hand (no tracing!)

4) draw your neighbor.

After your 4 warm-up gesture drawings….pull out a large newsprint sheet and start a large 12” x 18” composition using the WHOLE SPACE. Draw a gesture drawing of the art room from your view from your chair. Once you have practiced one on newsprint, do your final gesture on large 12” x 18” white paper. NO ERASING! Put your name on the back. Put this in your folder.

KEEP ALL YOUR WORK! (throw nothing away)

you should be putting your name on all drawings and keep putting them into your portfolio at the end of each drawing day. Remember to work quickly and draw the big shapes first. Then move to the small details. Keep your lines loose and flowing.

By the end of class…. • neatly organize all your drawings in one pile • put your name on all drawings • place your drawings in your folder • turn your folder in to the teacher before leaving.
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